Saturday, 15 January 2011

Sweet Happenings...

I was at Kristin's Thursday night helping her get the bed made up for the baby. She opened up a new hamper she got as a shower gift and started putting all the blankets in it that she wants to wash. As she was putting them in I spotted one that looked familiar and I told her I had a blanket just like that for her and Katie when they were babies. I said it even had the same fringe on it and everything. She said, "I know. This is it." I just looked at it and got teary eyed and said, "No it's not!" She assured me that it was. A year ago when she got married and was packing up her things to move it was in with some other blankets so she took it with her. (Not knowing how soon she would need it! )She plans to wash it and use it to wrap the baby in the hospital and have him lay on it for his newborn pictures at the hospital. It was a special moment for me to have her want to wrap her baby in the same blanket I wrapped her in. It's tattered and worn (went through 2 girls and is 24 years old!) but it's very special.

So, if using the baby blanket from her childhood for her baby isn't sweet enough another sweet thing happened. Kristin and Travis went to a small Christian school where K-12 were all in one building and the Kindergarten teacher never lost touch with her students. Mrs. Barker (kindergarten teacher) moved away a few years ago to be closer to one of her sons. Her husband has Parkinson's disease and she knew she would eventually need help with him. Anyway, yesterday Kristin received a package in the mail from Mrs. Barker. It was some figurines she had received from Travis for Christmas when she had him in her class. They had his name and date on the bottom of them. She sent a note that said, "These treasures will mean nothing to my children when I pass, but they will mean something to yours. I thought you might like to have them." Is that the sweetest thing or what? Of course I cried. The Barkers have been special to our family for many years. They moved about 2 hours away and we try to visit them about once a year or so.

I posted these stories as two separate posts on a message board I'm on. So, if they sound discombobulated that's why! lol

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