Friday, 7 January 2011

Light Day

I don't have much going on here today. I'm getting my hair done this morning. I have to say that excites me a little more than it probably should. I haven't had it done since October so I'm due.

When I was in the throws of raising children, two girls, I hardly had time or money to have my hair done so now that I'm older I'm enjoying it more. I remember going years and never stepping foot into a salon. I would either have a friend cut my hair or cut it myself. Or another option was to not cut it at all!

After I get my hair done I'll come back here and hopefully have time to do a few things before I have date night with my husband. We used to go out together regularly. Even when our children were small we always made sure to spend time together. Lately that's gone by the wayside a little. He's so busy all the time. When you work for yourself the work only gets done if you do it! So we planned earlier in the week that he would come home early today, no matter what, and we would go out together tonight. I'm a little excited! ;0)

When the children were younger our date nights would sometimes include a walk around a local college campus and maybe some shopping. We would inevitably end up buying something for the girls (if we bought anything at all). Tonight I hope to do some shopping only this time any purchases will most likely be for our coming grandson! How times have changed! I want to get a pack-and-play for him to sleep in when he's here. I have my eye on a couple that I like and tonight while I have my husband along I think I may make a purchase. ;0)

I hope you all enjoy your day and have a great weekend! Oh, and get to Church on Sunday!

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