Thursday, 6 January 2011

List Mania!

I have a confession. I'm a list maker.

You may be thinking, "Big deal. We all make lists." But, no, I am a list maker! I make lists for everything! As a matter of fact, I'll make a list of some of the things I make lists for (hehe!):
  • Grocery shopping
  • Packing if I'm going on a trip
  • Things I want to buy for gifts (Christmas, birthdays, etc.)
  • Things I want to plant (flowers, vegetables, etc.)
  • Bible verses I'm studying or meditating on
  • Names of people (parties, weddings, showers, thank you notes, etc.)
  • Meals I want to make
  • Books I want to read
  • A to-do list for the day

I love making a to-do list in the morning. There's something about writing it down that solidifies what I need to do for the day. Also, since I am of the "fly by the seat of your pants" variety, keeping a list keeps me on track. I have mild OCD when it comes to my list and I cannot stop until I've done every. single. thing. on my list. It will actually bother me if I get to the end of the day and everything isn't crossed off. So much so that I am very serious when making my list in the morning. I will only put the things I know I can get done in a day so I can mark it all off! I have had days when I didn't get to mark everything off and, of course I survived, but I really like to see the whole list completed!

If I don't make a list here is how my day will go. I will start loading the dishwasher when I see a book on the table that belongs somewhere else. I'll take the book to where it goes and see dust on the shelf and decide I need to dust. (Dishes still not fully loaded) While I'm dusting I'll find a pair of earrings that go in my room. I'll take the earrings to my room and see laundry that needs washing so I'll start a load of laundry. (Dishes still not done, dusting not completed) Once the laundry is going I'll go back to the dishes and in the meantime get a phone call. It's a telemarketer and I don't take the call, but now I'm side tracked from the dishes again. And on and on I'll go all day long. So, lists are essential for me to stay on track. And it works fabulously!

If you have trouble staying on track and getting things done, try writing it down. It will help keep your focus and you can look back at the end of the day and see that you actually did accomplish something because we all know those dishes won't stay done and that laundry won't stay clean and then you'll think you didn't do anything all day when you really did quite a lot!

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Margery said...

I am also a list maker, but my list goes the same way as the rest of my day. I get distracted. Some days are better then others. I really need to become not only a list maker, but a list compelter.


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